Colour Consults

The influence of colour is integral to the synergy of a space. Colour has the ability to determine mood and wellbeing, making it vital to choose the correct colour palette. It can be overwhelming trying to decide from the thousands of colours and shades available. Our colour consultation process guides you through the high level theories of colour and allows you to make well considered decisions relating to colour. We will guide you through the process of shortlisting colours to suit your project. From paint finishes to styling items, we work closely with our clients to identify the best colour scheme to suit your project.  

What's Included?

  • An initial consultation to discuss your needs, your personal preferences, any existing elements we need to work with and your budget 
  • Introduction to Colour Theory 
  • Development of your proposed Colour Scheme 
  • Review and refinement of your Colour Scheme 
  • Production of your customised Finishes Schedule 

Dependent on the complexity of your project, the cost of this service is calculated on the estimated hours to deliver.