Interior Design

Interior Design involves the use of Left and Right Brain thinking.  It’s one thing to love a colour scheme, a suite of furniture pieces or a stunning light fitting.  Too often we jump ahead of ourselves and don’t take the tried and tested steps to ensure your design outcomes are the success you hope them to be.  There’s a great deal of prep involved, conceptualising, space planning, reviewing any industry regulations, documentation, then sourcing, procurement and project management. 

Walking our clients through the Interior Design and Project Management process is what we do.  When you engage our Interior Design services you are assured of tapping in to our knowledge and experience and an outcome you’re truly amazed with.

What's included?

  • An initial consultation to discuss your budget, your personal preferences and any existing elements we need to work with 
  • Conceptual design 
  • Schematic design 
  • Detailed Design Development 
  • Detailed Documentation 
  • Sourcing and Procurement 
  • Project Management 
  • Handover and Day 2 Follow Ups 
  • Access to Design Templates, Private Pinterest Boards and Checklists 

Dependent on the complexity of your project, the cost of this service is calculated on the estimated hours to deliver.